IMG_3305I am blessed with two remarkable children. I realise as their mam (I am from the North East it is Mam not mum) I am biased but they truly are.

On 15th August 2011 Diva Maisy Isabelle Taylor was born and we certainly knew about it. She is hard working determined and certainly knows what she wants and has her own style.

Almost two years later on the 9th August I birthed a Man Child. Literally he was of the delivery chart scales at a whopping 11lb 5oz. Gas and air I might add only a little help for a stuck shoulder. I am very proud of that fact being all of 5ft 3.5 and size 8. How it wasn’t known he was to arrive ready to hit the rugby field I will never know.

Six weeks is just to long

Is someone getting married?

Gigs, Christmas windows and Cat Cafe

Half term hump ….

School Photo Woe