Day three of the half term holiday and as much as I love my kids and love spending time with them I’m ready for back to school.

Trying to work with kids at home is fun said no mam ever . Why is it when you want them to play together and enjoy the mountain of toys you spent a small fortune on  they won’t and when you are ready to being crafty engaging mam they aren’t interested?

Truth is majority of Family time is spent going somewhere doing something so they have come to expect that if they aren’t schooling the are going some where with someone even if it’s to get milk or visit the family for 10 mins to get a peaceful coffee.

The diva still likes soft play but is hitting a point where she’s getting a bit ‘to cool’ for it. Everything you attempt is ‘boring’ but secretly loved.

The man child has two modes fluffy polite yellow minion or full on purple minion. The switch happens in a 10th of a second with zero warning.

Thank you to the people who run holiday camps/clubs That’s our entertainment Thursday and Friday then we have our routine back for the next 6 or so weeks 🙌

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