Monday I did something amazing and completed another blood donation.

It may not sound particularly  amazing but I am O RH Negative blood type. I am universal I.e my blood can be given  anyone however if a  situation arises whereby I need a transplant I can only be given O – blood. It is one of the rare but essential groups that is always needed.


It makes me immensely proud that such a small deed can help in a big way. You never know who could need it and when.

There was a point where I was unable to give blood. When I went for my first donation I was borderline on the 7st 12 minimum weight limit and was subsequently refused. It actually made me  reignite my love of food and I put the weight on so I could do it. Obviously during and for a period after  pregnancy I was unable to donate but as soon as I could again the appointment was booked.

Unsure if you can give? Check it out on the NHS website or call them they will answer any questions you have


Its a simple process and not as long or as daunting as you would expect. Once staff have ensured eligibility to give quick questionnaire, simple finger prick iron test you are taken to the station to donate. The seats are actually really comfortable – they are like plastic ‘barker loungers’with special support for the donation arm. The donation itself only takes 5-10 mins and once done you are still treated to drinks and snacks.

It doesn’t end there, what I love about modern tech is you now get a text to say when and where your donation was sent to be used.

As long as I am able to I will continue to give and urge anyone who wants to and can to do it too.


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