School Photo Woe

It seams like a blink of an eye since we were sorting out uniform to start reception. This week we were frantically sorting new uniform for a SECOND batch of school photos! Who at the end of the schools year has white shirts that aren’t painted or actually that are white and not off Grey. Roll on oversized September uniform because of course they have to look impeccable and you must have a picture of your cherub.

This in stark contrast to when the 2 year old had his pre school photos a few weeks earlier and being a terrible mother forgot that said photos were taking place and had sent said child to sessions in his best paint splattered polo and jumper! Luckily we had   A spare jumper in his tray that somehow wasn’t painted! We got fantastic head shots!

The money spent on school photo graphs this year I could have had a holiday!

Shoe loving, Running Mam to diva Maisy Isabelle, man child Aaron James and all round Wonder Woman

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