Mam, Entrepreneur, Runner, Ambassador

Hi Welcome to my world!

Who am I? Well, i’m a thirty(ish) year old ‘mumtrepreneur” living in County Durham with my partner Michael and my two children Maisy and Aaron.

I own and run a Property Investment Company which I’m loving growing and progressing. Property dealing  has always been a long term interest of mine and I have finally taken the plunge into the property investment world.

Day to day you’ll find me working along side Michael in his businesses. I oversee finance and digital marketing for Contego.  A national Bird and Pest control Company making waves in the industry. You may have seen our vans out and about we have techs right across the UK!  The ‘sideline’ I  aide in the breeding of birds of prey for the UAE market. I’m responsible for the egg management (or “egg-wifery” as I prefer) aiding with hatching and rearing of chicks until they are big and strong enough to return to their parents. It’s awesome seeing them grow and be trained and win races and beauty contests (yes who would have thought that falcon racing is such a big thing or that they would be entered into beauty contests.

I took to blogging as a means to get my writing juices flowing and share some of the randomness of my life.

Running is my means to staying sane in our hectic life (along with coffee and gin but hey ho thats most of us right?!!!)

Oh, and in the little spare time I have I am Campaigns Ambassador for Cancer Research UK a cause close to me and a one that touches every single one of us at some point in our lifetime.

So thats me! still interested check out my Blog! Questions feel free to contact me! I have a page for that or you’ll find me on all the usual social media channels

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